E-Kira (kira means rent in Turkish) is a web platform that brings technological innovation to the old and outdated landlord-tenant financial relationship. Tenants can not only pay their rent with ease through the system, they can also break it down into instalments and even earn points/miles through the system. Landlords can easily manage their contracts and payments through an incredibly easy to use system (e.g. tenants can be added with just an email).


IdeaNest is a web platform that takes a different approach to crowdfunding. Angel Investors who would like to support technological innovation can browse the projects listed and finance them under the guise and protection of TTGV, a tech/innovation foundation in Turkey.


Android app for insuring Samsung phones and tablets. Using the IMEI number automatically taken from the phone along with details provided by the user, SSigorta provides yearly insurance options.


We designed and developed the website of Millenicom, Turkey’s latest internet provider. Responsive and equipped with interactive features such as pricing sliders and internet speed tests, milleni.com.tr aids the user in choosing a package ideal for them. The mobile app is currently in the works.


Mobile applications that allow for easy transfer of money using debit or credit cards. Paynet apps are equipped with many options such as confirmation upon receiving items, SMS/Email tracking notifications, installments and work with Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.


An ecommerce app where commerce is replaced with altruism. Using givin, one can sell items they have no use for and choose where the proceeds of the sale will go to from NGOs to funds to education. Easy to use, and with gamification built in, Givin has garnered a great deal of attention on social media within Turkey.


BodySpirit is a mobile application for finding and booking Fitness/Wellness centers nearby. Users can find options closest to them, see class schedules, reserve and complete payments all from within the app.


An ecosystem for purchasing game codes that are valid across a wide range of platforms. With instalment options, and 3D-Secure payment, KingoGame is perfect for the bargain chasing gamer.

Aci Tablet

Mobile application that integrates almost everything in an Aci student’s life. QR code scanning allows for a classroom to be in complete synchronisation. Attendance is automatically taken, notes and documents are instantly distributed (with editing capabilities), and assignment deadlines are set all through the app. Recent updates added notifications along with information that isn’t confined to classrooms, such as lunch menus.


A complete ecommerce web platform for independent vendors of a broad variety of items including but not limited to organic food and artworks. Pazaar is made in a generic skeletal fashion with customizable subdomains. For example, organic foodstuff, itself a category, has a design all of its own. With a built in payment system and an easy to use interface, Pazaar aims to build a bridge between artisans and consumers.


A second hand automobile shopping app that provides the user with checkup reports, annotated on simple to use diagrams, as well as detailed information to help ease the purchasing experience.


CardGusto is a food club and loyalty program app that brings together hundreds of restaurants with consumers. Nearby restaurants are shown on both map and list views, and QR bar code reading capability is used to apply discounts. The user is also provided with a history of where and how many times they’ve used the app.


iOS and Android apps for OtelSonDakika, a discount hotel booking site. OtelSonDakika lists discounts on last minute reservations either closely, if the user provides location, or in a region of his or her choosing. Detailed information, directions, and reservations within the app are some of the options provided.

Cocugum ve Ben

Mobile applications developed to aid parents in raising their children. Important information about the child’s development, based on their age, is provided daily along with access to numerous videos from medical experts. The apps are not just aimed at the parents but, packed with multiple games, children’s books voiced over in English and Turkish, and cartoons, they are perfect for kids as well.


iOS and Android apps that act as an aggregator for content released by self help guru Bulent Gardiyanoglu. Digital cards, therapeutic audio files, live seminars, and ebooks are all readily accessible within the app.

Tarif Dukkani

A mobile virtual store aimed at those who love cooking food, Tarif Dukkanim offers its user space to display and sell their recipes for gold (bought through in-app purchases). The gold is then used for real life awards.

YKB Akademi

A mobile platform for a select few YapiKredi bank employees where they can access content from seminars, presentations, workshops, and conferences in video, audio, and text format. Additionally useful information such as shuttle times and dining hall menus are made available and updated daily.

Kelime Yarisi

Horse racing word game thought up, designed, and developed in house. The aim of the game is to find words from jumbled up characters. Every word found pushes your horse forward. Can be played both single player and multiplayer.

Leyla Mecnun

Mobile application that displays, in feed format,showtimes, videos, and lots of trivia on the widely famous TV Show Leyla ile Mecnun.

T60 Preloaded Apps & Setup Wizard

Customization of the Android operating system in Turkcell’s own smartphone. A setup wizard, according to Turkcell’s guidelines was added along with pre-loaded apps of their choosing.

Havayi Koklayan Adam

Mobile application developed for Bunyamin Surmeli, a famous meteorologist in Turkey. Within the app the user can find detailed weather forecasts as well important information and alerts related to the weather.


Mobile app that provides users access to Vodafone’s micro tech news platform. Within the platform they can find information on and be notified about conferences and workshops.

İste Muze

Mobile app, designed to be used in museums, which uses bluetooth technology to pinpoint the item the user is standing closest to and present information relevant to it. The user can also pick a specific display they’d like to go to and an indoor map with directions is drawn out for them.

Kale Benim

Location based game where users can plant their favourite football team’s flags wherever they go and try to capture goal posts and win badges.

Cilgin Yumurta

Game developed to playfully market Tefal’s pans. Using the accelerometer the app challenges the player to push the egg to the center of the pan and cook it.