Turkcell approached us with the desire to bring crowdfunding locally to Turkey. The idea was perfect for the social structure of Turkey, if not even late in application. Social aid takes on many forms in Turkey, some fun, some political, some cultural. It was only a matter of time before technology played catch up with what was essentially tradition.

We, once again, took on the responsibility of developing a full end to end solution, building apps for both major mobile platforms, and, what is in essence the backbone of the project, a website for would-be entrepreneurs to advertise their dreams. Of this fruitful collaboration was born Arikovani (beehive in Turkish).

With a distributed backend that maintains every user session separately through Redis in-memory caching, some of the technological feats Arikovani makes use of are:

  • An advanced admin panel that allows for role based authentication
  • A discount coupon system that allows for a wide range of complex scenarios
  • Banners that dynamically evolve based on user actions
  • The ability to apply for crowdfunding through BIP chatbots
  • Email marketing that is customised based on user behaviour.

We take pride in having been the first to bring crowdfunding to Turkey and helped projects get successfully funded and, and most importantly, to have seen dreams turn into reality.