Lean UX/UI

Lean UX is a technique that you must use if you are both working with a lean mindset and using agile development methodologies. Its support for agile and easy integration into the design thinking approach makes it a very useful technique.

Android Minifyenabled Obfuscation and Shrink

Hello there, One of the issues we should be aware of when developing an Android application is code security as well as the size of the project we create. By decompiling our project with 3rd party applications, intruders can clone it or, seizing the rest ser-vices, listen to and manipulate the outgoing requests. In today’s topic, we will learn how to ensure code reliability as well as delete unused resources in our project re-ducing its size as much as possible.

Everyone Has a Story

Almost everyone has heard of the story feature. We were first introduced to this feature with Snapchat and many applications have added it ever since, the most prominent being Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. What about you? Have you added it to your application? If not, let me show you how!

Growth-Hacking Tips For A Profitable Mobile App

Today, every business owner is aware of the importance of mobile apps. Mobile apps are the ultimate way for businesses to directly reach their customers. Apps are the magical gates that can be opened to facilitate a wide range of interactions, benefits and strong bonds between a brand and its customers.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Digital Product Development

Nowadays, everyone seems to be involved in “digital” somehow. If you browse through profiles on LinkedIn, you’ll see that we’re surrounded by people who are directly or indirectly involved in creating digital products. There are Software Designers, UX Designers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Product Managers, CEOs, Founders and many more… This is not unexpected in today’s technology-focused world. However, it’s clear that while many people are involved in the digital space, some thrive while others fail.

7 Essentials Mobile App Development

Whenever someone is seeking a solution to a specific problem, we all know what the first response will be: “There’s an app for that”. Whether for personal or business use, apps play a major role in our daily lives. We wake up with an app, we schedule our meetings with an app, we communicate with our target audience through an app, we learn languages using an app, we even remember to drink water with an app... Whatever issue we need to solve, organise or automate, there is always a specific app that solves our problem.

5 Key Mobile Technology Trends in 2019

As we enter 2019, we’ll see the full potential of past mobile innovations come into focus, as leading tech corporations battle for dominance. This forecast is particularly prevalent for trends now fully integrated into mainstream society, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), virtual assistants and chatbots. Mobile developers will also continue to make advancements in artificial neural networks and computer vision, and create seamless connections between our physical and digital lives.

How to build your own startup and become a successful entrepreneur

Starting your own business and being an entrepreneur has never been easy. But having the chance and desire to be in charge of your own destiny is clearly a big reason why having a start-up is so popular among people lately. Being the founder of an effective, brilliant idea that will work and to build a business around it from the ground obviously needs lots of patience, effort and time. Your experiences, personal finances, mental performance and more are on the table. You have to be realistic and ready for this groundbreaking journey. But how?


The Solid-ICT R&D team has been exploring possible AI solutions to the problems we face in our daily routines. While working on experimental proof-of-concept implementations, we discovered that machine learning algorithms were capable of solving almost every problem in our everyday lives. The endless potential for machine learning to improve the quality of almost every aspect was too significant to ignore.