Cropy came to us as an app idea and request directly from the CEO of Turkcell. The app store was already full to the brim with image editing apps and we needed to add a twist to make it unique. We accomplished by throwing in a browser and giving the user the ability to crop any and every part of the webpages they visited.

We accomplished this by rendering the entire web page the moment the user taps the crop button and presenting them with a draggable customizable component lined with guidelines, making the entire process as simple and intuitive as possible. On top of this we customized readily available libraries to build in an undo system best suited for the app’s requirements.

Along with these unique features, Cropy is also packed with everything one would expect from an image editing app from drawing, to annotating, to applying filters and placing frames. The end result was a fun, easy to use app helpful in sharing little chunks of the large web. We had a great time delving deep into the inner workings of images and were thrilled to present our client with a little more than what they expected.