Around the time when newspaper and magazine publications were maturing in format and business model alike (just as Apple replaced Newstand with News), Turkcell decided to take the lead in building a local digital platform - a decision well placed for a community that loves to keep abreast of current affairs.

Once again they chose us to take on this technically challenging job and we are proud to say the results have spoken for themselves. Dergilik, as the app has been named, has grown to be Turkey’s largest digital publishing platform with over 20 million subscribers and content that includes both local and global newspapers and magazines. With exclusive features like access to articles that are yet to be published, Dergilik continues to attract new users everyday.

From a technical standpoint Dergilik boasts a number of features that make using it a joy, some of which are:

  • A custom download manager that is optimized for performance and offers the option to automatically download publications the user has subscribed to.
  • Advanced encryption methods used to vastly reduce the size of magazines and newspapers taking into consideration storage limitations on mobile phones and tablets.
  • An offline mode offering the option to continue using Dergilik on the subway, plane, or anywhere internet access is restricted.
  • A number of subscription options including in-app purchases.
  • A built-in image editing tool that can be used to crop, annotate, and markup any portion of a downloaded publication to be shared with others.

We are continuing to improve Dergilik to this very day, constantly seeking ways of integrating new technologies in a race to compete with the best there is out there - even Apple News.