We paired up with Turkcell to build a platform that would encourage young people to choose and make use of a plan dedicated completely to them. A plan that was not only cost effective, but also full of features chosen specifically for their demographic.

We built an advanced, all-inclusive system that tied seamlessly into Turkcell’s internal services giving users access to all sorts of information about their subscription and the ability to make adjustments on the go. On top of this we connected with and integrated into the mobile apps Turkcell’s BIP (messaging platform) as well as others.

Turkcell did not want to stop there, and neither did we. We built a gamification system that analyzed user behavior and rewarded it with badges. Badges were in turn used to collect trophies, which eventually could be cashed in, using coupon codes, for real life awards, such as cinema tickets.

GNCTurkcell became a hit, reached over 1.7 million users, and continues to grow to this day. Its success did not go unnoticed and we won several awards. We are currently working on outdoing ourselves with a second version.