Pet SleepOver

One of our first international projects (developed for the folks down in sunny Australia), and one we still love to flaunt because of its success, is Pet SleepOver - The perfect holiday for your furriest family member.
Pet SleepOver is a platform that gives its users the option to choose from a database of babysitters to look after their pets for when they go on vacation.

Developed in a very short timespan (6 months), Pet SleepOver’s app boasts over 70 fully functional, beautifully designed pages. It sounds complex but thanks to a well thought out flow and story board, using the app is quite simple. Not only do the owners get regular photo and video updates, they can also monitor their pet and the path that it has walked through GPS tracking.

We also developed Pet SleepOver’s website which comes with advanced search options similar to AirBnB. The user can set their vacation dates, price range, and even see sitters nearby on a map. Sitters are also reviewed, rated, and verified. Just like the app we managed to pack a great deal of complexity behind an easy to use, and easy to look at interface.

Pet owners across Australia loved it so much it made the headlines!